Maxim Soft 1Day Multifocal

Maxim Soft 1Day Multifocal
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Maxim Soft 1Day Multifocal contact lenses are a game-changer for those who need both near and far vision correction. With their advanced optical design, these lenses provide seamless visual clarity at any distance, making them perfect for those with presbyopia.

Designed for daily wear, Maxim Soft 1Day Multifocal contact lenses are made with a high-performance hydrogel material that provides exceptional comfort and moisture retention. Their unique surface technology ensures a smooth and comfortable fit all day long, even for those with sensitive eyes.

These lenses are also incredibly easy to use, with no need for cleaning or storage. Simply insert a fresh pair each morning and enjoy clear, comfortable vision all day long.


Vendor: Maxim
Lens Type: Daily lenses
Material: Silicone Hydrogel
Water % of content: 56%
Package Detail: 30 Lenses