Freshlook Illuminate Chic Caramel

Freshlook Illuminate Chic Caramel
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Freshlook Illuminate Chic Caramel contact lenses are a must-have for those seeking to enhance their natural eye color. These lenses feature a unique design that adds depth and dimension to your eyes, giving them a mesmerizing, radiant look. Made with a high-performance, breathable material, these contact lenses offer excellent comfort and allow for extended wear. With their advanced light-scattering technology, they also minimize glare and brighten your eyes for a more vibrant and youthful appearance. Plus, they come in a gorgeous caramel hue that complements any skin tone. Experience the ultimate blend of style and comfort with Freshlook  Illuminate Chic Caramel contact lenses.


Vendor: Alcon
Lens Type: Daily Lenses
Material: Nelfilcon A
Water % of content: 69%
Package Detail: 10 Lenses