Maxim Colors Black

Maxim Colors Black
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Introducing Maxim Colors Black contact lenses, the perfect way to enhance your eyes and make a bold statement! These premium quality contact lenses are designed with a diameter of 14.2mm and a base curve of 8.6mm to provide a comfortable and natural fit. Featuring a stunning black coloration with a subtle ring pattern, these lenses create a dramatic and captivating look that's sure to turn heads. Made from high-quality materials and approved by the FDA, Maxim Colors Black contact lenses are safe, durable, and easy to wear. Whether you're looking to add some extra flair to your daily routine or create a striking costume, Maxim Colors Black contact lenses are the perfect choice for any occasion. Order now and experience the magic of these amazing lenses for yourself!


Vendor: Maxim
Lens Type: Monthly Lenses
Material: Polymacon
Water % of content: 42%
Package Detail: 2 Lenses