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Bausch + Lomb Lacelle Grace Crystal Brown

Bausch + Lomb Lacelle Grace Crystal Brown

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Bausch and Lomb Lacelle Grace Crystal Brown are monthly disposable cosmetic contact lenses that provide a beautiful and natural-looking change to your eye color. With their exceptional design and comfort, these lenses are perfect for anyone who wants to enhance their eye color with a natural and subtle effect.

These lenses are designed with a unique lace pattern that adds depth and dimension to your eyes, creating a stunning and elegant look. Lacelle Grace lenses are made with high-quality materials that provide optimal comfort and breathability, ensuring that your eyes stay healthy and hydrated all day long.


Vendor: Bausch & Lomb
Lens Type: Monthly Lenses
Material: Polyhema
Water % of content: 38%
Package Detail: 2 Lenses