What is TA-TO Rewards?

What is TA-TO Rewards? - TA-TO.com

TA-TO Rewards is a loyalty program that rewards customers from the moment they sign up. As a member of TA-TO Rewards, you'll enjoy a range of benefits, including exclusive access to discounted contact lenses that are only available to you. Plus, we have monthly promotions that provide you with even more discounts and special offers, making your shopping experience more enjoyable.

Every time you make a purchase, you'll also earn points that you can redeem for discounts on future purchases. The more you shop, the more points you'll earn, and the more discounts you'll receive.

We're confident that you'll love being a part of TA-TO Rewards, so why wait? Sign up today and start reaping the rewards for all your purchases!


TA-TO Rewards


How do I earn reward points?

Membership levels of TA-TO Rewards

How to redeem your discounts 

When you accumulate 4000 points or more, you can redeem them for a discount. The discount will be shown on the payment page, and you can enter the amount of discount you want to use for your current order. The details of the redemption options are shown in the table below

Note: If there is no redemption activity using your accumulated points within 1 year, the system will reset your points to zero.


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