How can we make sure we're wearing our contact lenses the right way?

As beings with delicate, sensitive eyes, we naturally want to keep our fingers away from them. It might feel a bit weird and scary to put in contact lenses basically, you're touching your eyeball!

But like with most things, practice is the key to getting it right. We promise that putting in your contacts can become as easy as putting on glasses and it's just as safe. To make it easier for you, we've put together a guide for beginners on how to put in contacts (and for those who need a quick reminder).

Here's the Simple Way To Put in Contacts

There are six simple steps to smoothly and safely put in your contacts

1. Wash your hands

Before handling your contact lenses, make sure your hands are super clean to avoid transferring any dirt or oil to the lens.

Wash them well with soap that's free of oil and fragrance, and dry them with a lint-free cloth or towel. A microfiber cloth works great!

2. Clean the contact lens

Take out your contact lens from its case or packaging. It should be in a little pool of contact solution. Handle it gently with your fingertips, not your nails, to avoid damaging it.

Put the lens in your palm and add some fresh contact solution to cover it. Don't use tap water or anything else it could gather harmful stuff on the lens.

Gently rub the lens back and forth on your palm with a finger from your other hand. After about 15 seconds, rinse it with more solution. This cleaning method ensures the lens is free of anything that could irritate your eye.

3. Hold the contact lens the right way on your finger

Put the lens on the tip of your dominant hand's finger. It should look like a tiny bowl, not a dome. If it's a dome, flip it over!

Make sure the lens is the right way out. An inside-out lens will have flared edges, while a correct one will have a smooth rim. Some lenses have shapes or text to show which way is right.

4. Hold your eye open gently

Using the hand without the lens, lift your upper eyelid carefully to expose more of your eye. Don't pull too hard! Just use a finger to hold it open.

For more space, you can also pull down your lower eyelid with a finger from the hand holding the lens.

Take a breath. Try not to blink. You're doing great

5. Put the contact lens in your eye

Look in a mirror and slowly move the finger with the lens on it towards your eye. Lightly touch the lens to your eye's surface.

Don't press too hard the lens should easily leave your finger and stick to your eye's moisture.

Some like to look up and place the lens under the iris, while others prefer to do it while looking straight ahead. See what feels more natural to you.

6. Check if the lens feels comfy

After putting the lens in, blink a few times to adjust it. Look up, down, left, and right to center it.

If the lens feels good and your vision is clear, repeat the steps with the other eye! You can use the same hands or switch them it's your call.