Why Weekly Contacts Might Be Your Perfect Match

Spectacles holding you back? We get it! After years of rocking frames, the allure of freedom and convenience offered by contact lenses is undeniable. But with daily disposables, monthlies, and even yearly options available, choosing the right fit can feel overwhelming. Fear not, fellow vision seeker! Today, we're making the case for why weekly contacts might just be your eye-deal match.

Weekly Contacts for the Organized Soul

We all approach life differently. Type-A personalities thrive on structure, while Type-B folks embrace a more relaxed flow. When it comes to contact lenses, this matters. 

Daily lenses might suit the free spirit, but the organized soul might find weekly contacts a perfect fit.

Why? Weekly lenses offer a sweet spot between the daily routine of disposables and the potential protein build-up you can experience with monthlies. 

They seamlessly integrate into your existing schedule – no need for daily tossing or month-long swaps. It's like having a vision routine that effortlessly complements your busy life.

Gentle on Your Eyes, Easy on Your Wallet

Another perk of weekly contacts? They're kinder to your eyes. Unlike monthly lenses that can harbor protein and lipid build-up towards the end of the cycle, weekly lenses are replaced more frequently, keeping your eyes feeling fresh and comfortable. This is especially true if you experience dryness or irritation with monthlies. 

Plus, weekly lenses are often made with thicker, more hydrating materials, keeping your peepers happy all week long.

Let's talk affordability! 

Weekly contacts fall right in the middle price range compared to daily and monthly lenses, typically costing less than your daily cup of joe. Insurance can further sweeten the deal, so explore your options!

Thinking Beyond Weekly? Explore Our Bi-Weekly Selection!

Need a touch more flexibility than a strict weekly schedule? Bi-weekly contact lenses might be the answer! These lenses offer a wear time of two weeks, providing clear vision with even less frequent replacements. Want to learn more? Check out our extensive bi-weekly contact lens collection here!

Still on the Fence About Weekly Contacts? Here's Why You Should Dive In!

Even if weekly contacts sound promising, you might have a few lingering questions. Here's some extra info to nudge you towards making the switch:

Saving Savvy: While insurance helps, you can be a budgeting pro too! Keep an eye out for sales and bulk discounts on your favorite brands.

Brand Bonanza: Most major contact lens brands offer a weekly option. No need to ditch your trusted favorites!

Trial and Error? No Problem! New to contacts? Don't sweat it! Your eye doctor will guide you through finding the perfect fit. It might involve some trial and error, but with expert help, you'll find your happy place in no time.

Safety First: Contact lenses are safe and effective with proper care. They're regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), so you can rest assured your eye health is a priority. Just remember to follow cleaning instructions to minimize the risk of infection.

Cleaning Up Your Act: Daily lenses might be the ultimate convenience, but weekly contacts offer other benefits. However, some maintenance is still needed. Regularly cleaning and storing them in solution keeps your lenses fresh and comfortable. It's a simple process similar to caring for monthly lenses.

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Ready to See the World Clearly and Conveniently?

Weekly contacts offer a compelling combination of comfort, affordability, and ease of use. Take the first step towards clearer vision and schedule an appointment with your eye doctor. They can help you determine if weekly contacts are your perfect match and guide you toward the brands that suit your eyes and lifestyle best. So ditch the glasses, embrace the convenience, and see the world with fresh eyes!


How often should I clean my weekly contacts?

You should clean and store your weekly contacts in solution every night, even if you haven't worn them all day.

Can I sleep in weekly contacts? 

No, it's generally not recommended to sleep in any type of contact lens, including weeklies. This increases your risk of infection.

What happens if I lose a weekly contact? 

Don't panic! Most eye doctors recommend keeping a spare pair on hand in case you lose one.

Can I travel with weekly contacts? 

Absolutely! Weekly contacts are a great travel companion. Just pack the solution and a travel case to keep your lenses safe and clean.

What if my eyes feel irritated after wearing weekly contacts? 

Discontinue use and consult your eye doctor immediately. They can help determine the cause of the irritation and recommend the best course of action.

Are there different materials used in weekly contacts? 

Yes, weekly contacts come in various materials, including soft and rigid
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